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With over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker, and Professional Solution Coach, I have had the privilege of helping teens, young adults, and families, change their thoughts and subsequent emotions resulting in developing healthy life patterns and relationships.

Solution Coaching focuses on immediate remedies to address individualized life problems. As traditional therapies examine the “why” of life issues, Solution Coaching examines “what” the issues are, “how” they can be corrected, and “when” you want to make the changes. Do you want to know “why” you are depressed, anxious, or self-destructive? Or do you want to know “how” to alleviate these emotions to re-gain your happiness, confidence, and sense of worth.

The question is: “When are you ready to begin?”


Your First Session Is Free

Click on the TAB below to receive your free session on your path to experience relief from anxiety, stress, and worry. You have nothing to lose and a life of living to gain!

Solution Coaching

Upon enrollment, your first session is Free. Additional sessions are $97. per session or $997. for a package of 12 sessions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fee:  $97. per session or $997. or a package of 12 sessions over 90 days.

The Mind Nourishment for
the Soul package

Mind Nourishment for the Soul is just $39.99 for the year (52 issues). When you enroll you will receive an additional 2 weeks for FREE. So, your first year will actually include 54 issues.

Fee:  $39.99 for 52 weeks

You may cancel at any time.


“Amy, after several attempts with therapists that all failed, we found you as a solution coach. My daughter worked with you and gained a new sense of confidence and self-esteem. Now,
I see her smiles and hear her laughter-how do I thank you?

Sheri T Vancouver,WA

“My son’s depression was real. He didn’t go with his friends, he stayed alone, even at home. He refused our attempts at therapy, “didn’t need to see a shrink”. Then I asked him to try a “life coach”.
You gave him a new found sense of purpose. He is back to being himself. Thank you for your tremendous help.”

Barbara F Portland, OR

“You gave me back my daughter. God bless you!”

Jennifer L San Diego, CA

“I was overwhelmed, anxious, and feeling very alone while sitting in classrooms of 100+ students where I knew no one. College for me became a nightmare. Then while searching for help I found you and “solution coaching”.
It was the best investment i have ever made. Now, I feel grounded, confident and with a greater sense of self esteem. I am no longer a” loaner”. Thank you for how you helped me.”

Allison M Eugene, OR

Amy was able to help both my son and daughter work through their anxiety and anger issues.

Through her solution coaching, they resolved their individual issues and are now able to re-establish a healthy relationship with each other.

Their improvements were immediately noticed, and met with relief! Looking forward to the 45 and 90 day, follow-up sessions!

Bob W Phoenix, AZ