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With over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker, and Professional Solution Coach, I have had the privilege of helping teens, young adults, and families, change their thoughts and subsequent emotions resulting in developing healthy life patterns and relationships.

Amy grew up in an urban environment where she had multiple social contacts. With her brothers and sister, her mother always made their home the “go-to” place for all their friends. From this life experience, she learned about “sharing”, inclusiveness” and developed her “sense of self”. She entered college feeling passionate about a professional education and career focused on helping others. She studied psychology and clinical social work, feeling connected to helping teenagers and young adults.

Throughout her years as a therapist, she was concerned about those youth who lacked a “sense of belonging” with family or another healthy social group. She vowed to make a difference in the lives of in the lives of those individuals who suffered this huge lapse in their personal development.

Amy spent many years pursuing educational opportunities and practices to utilize “solution coaching” as the the effective intervention model that research has demonstrated.

“Solution Coaching with Amy”, will provide you with more in-depth solutions that will help address and change your personal issues immediately . We invite you to give us the opportunity to help with your success towards achieving happiness, personal empowerment and a renewed “sense of self”.


Solution Coaching addresses your issues of today and focuses on how to change them for a better tomorrow.

While struggling with your past life events may be informative, Solution Coaching focuses on your strengths and resources to bring about your best positive change.

The negative energy of the past is removed with the positive energy of today.